PaverGuide™ - a vision realized

Founder/CEO Charles R. White has 23 years of experience in sales and distribution of sanitary and storm drain manhole covers, and catch basin grates. The introduction of his PaverGuide™ product is the result of years of experience in the paving industry and a dedicated advocacy for quality, practical water control.

White developed and implemented a strategy to combat low quality imported castings by working with American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials (AASHTO) to adopt a new casting standard that tested quality. He also developed the strategy to cast inlet grates with, ”Do Not Dump Drains to Chesapeake Bay” or similar messages to help municipalities comply with NPDES permit requirements.

Joining his him in the marketing development of the PaverGuide™ product is Daniel Hurdis. Hurdis has over 21 years in the stormwater and drainage industry, established resource for optimizing site drainage design, hydrology models, water quality BMP's, and stormwater storage solutions. Dan's Expertise is in new products that provide exceptional value by bringing profitability to engineers, cost savings to developers, and compliance for regulators.