PaverGuide is specifically designed as a base for permeable pavers, pervious asphalt, porous concrete, and traditional concrete.  PaverGuide can be installed in single or multiple layers.  PaverGuide can be used under pervious interlocking concrete pavers, traditional clay pavers, or pervious concrete.

Using PaverGuide under permeable pavements will reduce to depth of excavation and increase labor product.  Contact Us for more information about how we can help make your permeable pavement project less expensive while increasing the longevity of the system.

Technical Documents

Product Specifications


  • Permeable pavement with concrete curb PDF
  • Permeable pavement with flush concrete curb PDF
  • Permeable Pavement with PaverGuide paver restraints PDF
  • Pipe connection PDF
  • ADA Ramp for 8-in or 7-in curb PDF
  • ADA Ramp for 6-in curb PDF
  • PaverGuide at utility obstructions PDF
  • Paver Restraint connection PDF